Not only has it been a hot summer for Chicago, but a humid one as the city faces the warning of an upcoming heat wave in the next few days. The National Weather Service forecasted a rise in the heat index for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions from the combination of high temperatures and humidity.

Thermostats in Chicago will be reaching 100 or higher in the next few days as they have already been fluctuating between the mid-90s. Nighttime holds a forecast of cooling off to the middle 70s.

The last heat wave endured by Chicagoans took place in July of 1995 with extreme temperatures that caused more than 700 deaths.

Keeping the body hydrated is advised besides staying indoors or under any shaded area, to avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

To find more information regarding cooling centers, please visit the City of Chicago website or call 311.

Photo from Getty Images